Infiniti QX4

Infiniti Vehicle Models

Infiniti is a luxury vehicle brand that was officially launched by the Japanese automaker Nissan in 1989. Drawing inspiration from the success of Japanese luxury brands like Lexus and Acura, Infiniti aimed to compete in the premium automobile market. Since its inception, Infiniti has become known for its stylish designs, advanced technologies, and top-notch performance, helping it carve out a strong position among luxury car enthusiasts worldwide.

Year Range: 1997-2003

The First Generation of the Infiniti QX4 was a mid-size luxury SUV introduced in 1996. Built on a modified Nissan Pathfinder chassis, it offered a comfortable and refined driving experience. Equipped with a powerful V6 engine, it delivered smooth acceleration and confident handling. The QX4 featured a spacious and well-appointed cabin, with luxurious amenities and advanced safety features. With its capable off-road capabilities and elegant styling, the First Generation of the Infiniti QX4 combined versatility and luxury for discerning SUV buyers.